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When You Visit


For directions and contact information, please visit our contact page. Click here to Link to that page.

Farmony is a, private, non-profit organization that began in 1975. We are a federally approved 501 (C) (3) organization. We are funded by our memberships, admission donations, and private donations. 

We are not a large, government funded zoo. In fact, we are not a zoo at all, and the government requires us to pay them. We are a relatively small sanctuary / rescue / educational facility. About 90% of the animals here came to us as rescued, re-homed, rehabilitated, or have been born here from parents that came to us as one of those “Rs”.

The downside of not being a government funded facility is that at times space and enclosure size is limited to our site and our funding. Not one penny of our funding comes from your tax dollars, so we don't have anywhere near the budget of a government facility. However, we feel that the animals in our care receive the best care and attention possible, and that  money cannot buy caring, attentive caretakers. The animals in our care are our family.  ALL of our enclosures meet, and the majority exceed the regulations set forth and enforced by the U.S.D.A., and the NC Wildlife Commission. These regulations were put into law by a panel of wildlife experts from different fields relating to wildlife. We would however, like to provide larger enclosures for several of the animals here. As funds, donations, and volunteers become available we can continue to grow and improve. If you or your company are interested in sponsoring and exhibit, please contact us for more information.

The upside of not being a government facility or large zoo is that we allow you to get up close to our animals, and to have hands-on experiences with many of them during your visit. This alone sets us apart from most other animal facilities of any type. 




We can always use the following:


-Fruits, vegetables, meat , bread or any type of food that you would not use. Even egg shells and orange peels.

Our chickens will actually eat most any food you don't want. You can even put any left-overs in a bag and bring it in. The chickens will love it. The wolves love meat that is a bit past it's prime for humans. Our Guinea Pigs love orange peels, and since they can't store vitamin C, this is actually very good for them.

- Plastic grocery bags

- We can also use any amount of shredded paper. We make fire logs out of this to heat the building the animals live in and that  can save a lot of $ on heating. We can also use volunteers to help us make the paper logs. 

- Fish Tanks

- Any size propane tank. Even out of date if they are not rusted out.

- Empty plastic cat litter buckets or cat litter 2 gallon jugs.

- Stepping stones or pavers.