Farmony iNC


Q, - Sloths are nocturnal. Why do we wake our sloth up during the day?
A. - Sloths are not nocturnal. They are cathemeral. This means that the times they are active can vary greatly depending on environmental factors. This is mostly determined by  temperature, but there are other weather, predator, and food availability factors that can influence the times they are awake and active. These resting and active times can be any time of the night or day depending on a combination of those factors, and can vary throughout the year, or even from day to day. Also, the sloth will not wake up unless she wants to. We never make any of our animals do anything they don't want to do.

Q, - When will the rest of the animals be brought here from the Florida facility.
A. -  We would love to have all of them here as soon as possible. However, this means we need to have adequate enclosures and infrastructure in order to give them the proper care they require. We are fairly new here, and do not yet have the community support in terms of donations of goods and volunteers that we have established in 40+ years operating  in Florida. We rely on community support for donations of many things including food, building supplies, fencing and caging materials, as well as volunteers to put all of this together. As soon as the enclosures are ready to adequately house the animals, we will get them here. We need volunteers and donations! (We are a 501 (c) 3, and all donations are tax deductible. The more help we get, the sooner everything will be here.

Q. - Do we need reservations to visit your place?
A. You do not need reservations to visit us during regular operating hours unless you will be coming with a group of 15 or more. In that case please contact us for arrangements.

Q. We heard that you were shut down because of not having the proper permits. Are you still open?
A. We are open and fully functioning. This is just one of many rumors that Madison County has spread about us. They started with the rumor that all of our tigers escaped and were killing off local livestock. That rumor was spread before we we had a single animal on our property. Also, we have NEVER had a tiger in our possession, and don't ever plan to have one. We are operating 100% legally, with every permit needed to conduct all of the activities that occur on our property, including our USDA permit to display wildlife.

Q. - Where do your animals come from?
A. - About 90% of the animals in our care have come to us as one of the three "R's". Rescued, Rehabilitated, or Re-homed, or they have been born at our facility from parents that originally came to us as one of the Three "R's". The remaining animals are usually from trades with other facilities that are beneficial to all.